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Debut EP ‘Animal Shadows’

Physics and nature evolved on many asymetric paths. The music of Echoic Memory says it exactly like that: there are waves we dream on
and some others we can’t completely catch. Through repetitive patterns of synths and beats that evolve like birds trapped in the mechanism
of nature, she tells us about hidden tales lurking in the night. Minimal wave meets humanity!

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NEWS Upcoming shows & releases!
2020/2021: Due to the current circumstances by COVID-19, planned shows are now put on hold for an uncertain time.
2022 ——> ECHOIC MEMORY @GOTORecords show, 03-21-2022, SWU.FM w/ Finlay Shakespeare, Fennesz, Hiro Kone on Bristol FM, UK, 03.22 /// Track VIOLENCE included in radio mix by Joe Mckenchnie (member of post-punk band THE PASSAGE), 09. // ANIMAL SHADOWS included in „Best of 2020“, ElGarjeDeFrankMusicZine // Track AMBER ROOM has been released on Spiricom Tapes compilation 2 – NYC’s Lost Soul Enterprises label, 15.08 // El Garaje de Frank music zine Review on the debut EP ANIMAL SHADOWS, 04 // Interview on Last Day Deaf 31.03. // Threshold Magazine Review on the debut EP ANIMAL SHADOWS , 02 / Track of debut EP ‚Animal Shadows‘ planned on Synth Scene compilation (LA, USA) / Track SUNDIAL played on the Walhalla Records Wave Frequencies radio show + included in Underground Wave Mix, 02 / Track AMBER ROOM on the next Parabox Lyl radio show / Track VIOLENCE played on The Electronic Family Tree Radio Show, 02 / Track AMBER ROOM played on the Black Room radio show, 02 / Track AMBER ROOM played on the Walhalla Records Wave Frequencies radio show / ECHOIC MEMORY on the Synthesthesia radio show, WLUW broadcasting studio Chicago, 03 / played on InClub Radio Peru, 02 / Last Day Deaf, Review on ANIMAL SHADOWS EP, 02 / played on ElektroSpank radio show, 03 / ECHOIC MEMORY played on Loud Cities radio show, 02 / Track ECHO included in Underground Wave – Walhalla Records + played on the Wave Frequencies radio show, 01 / Track VIOLENCE included in WhiteLight-WhiteHeat WeeklyTips, 12.19 / Debut EP Release ANIMAL SHADOWS


ECHOIC MEMORY live in Berlin, Dark Shadows Festival.

ECHOIC MEMORY live in Berlin :

pic: DarkShadowsFestivalBerlin:

Echoic Memory live at Marie Antoinette, Berlin:

Echoic Memory live at Dark Shadows Festival Berlin :

Mass Fraction, live